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Author Topic: Question To Ask A Breeder  (Read 1290 times)

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Question To Ask A Breeder
« on: October 01, 2006, 01:13:57 PM »
Before buying a puppy from a breeder make sure you have asked lots of questions on the puppy itself and on its family.  You can print this guide out and use it to ask your questions. And you will probably have some of your own to add to the list.   :)

Some questions to ask would be:

The big one would probably be why you chose this female and this particular male to breed? Of course the answer should be more then because Mom is so friendly, so loving to the family, everyone says she is beautiful, or even all my friends said they wanted a puppy. Dad should have been chosen for reasons other then he belonged to a friend or lived down the street.

Remember that being registered with the AKC / American Kennel Club is not always a sign of quality or that the dog has what it takes to be worthy of breeding.

Have any OFA Certs been done on mom and dad? If not -- why not?
Want to know what OFA is or what some of the tests are?  Orthopedic Foundation for Animals website link

Find out what other medical problems are prevalent in your breed of interest and ask the breeder what tests were done to rule those out.

Find out what temperament tests were done on Mom & Dad and what the results were.
One very good test is:  The ATTS give by the American Temperament Test Society, Inc

Ask the breeder what titles Mom & Dad have or what working credentials they have. Did the breeder train and work the parents or did (s)he have someone else do it?

Does the breeder offer a Health/Temperament guarantee on their puppies? If so make sure it is in writing and also if you must return the puppy, get full refund back or only partial, or get a replacement puppy. Also you will need to know how long the guarantee is for and under what circumstances it can become void.

A breeder will request a spay/neuter agreement on any pup sold as a companion. Ask at what age this must be done.

If the pup is sold as a potential breeding dog then you will need to find out what all requirements the breeder will need to have met before lifting the breeding hold on the dog's registration.

Find out what club(s) the breeder is active in.

Ask for references from previous purchasers. The breeder should be able to give at least one or two references from each previous litter.

The puppy must stay with the breeder for a full 8 weeks before going to its new home. You will need to ask the breeder what they do to make sure the puppy is socialized in that time.

You will need to know if the breeder has done any temperament testing on the puppies before placing. Ask which one(s) and ask to see the results.

Make sure that you have a good phone # or another way to contact the breeder after purchase so that you can ask for helpful advice when needed while raising your puppy. And also remember breeders want to be updated on how your puppy is doing even after it becomes an adult.

Be prepared for the breeder to ask you a lot of questions as they will want to make sure that the puppy is the perfect fit for your family and lifestyle. They will want to know if you have any problems and will want to have first choice for the puppy to come back to them if you can no longer keep it -- even several years after you have bought it.
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